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Great app. Total schoolsaver. Please add some more stuff.

Ive been using this app for years and I love it. It is the best way to me to stay on track with assignments. I recommended it to anyone who could use it. I have contacted support for some questions and have always gotten a prompt, kind, and super helpful response. There are things about the app that I find limiting and I hope that they will be improved just as many other features have been. I would love an option to mark assignments as NOT DONE. (Maybe an "X" for never turning it in or a "..." for in progress?) Also, I feel the calendar really needs to be redone. I never use it but it could be a great tool. (Different color shapes for assignments due on certain days? Color based on course, of course. Anything to help keep track of assignments better!)

Awesome, but could use more settings

I have my entire semester planned out on this app. At the app, the number on the app was over 150 because it included all the assignments for the semester. It would be nice if it only snowed for that day. Furthermore, a lot of my exams are taken in a testing lab so I have a certain period to take them so it would be cool to be able to designate and opening time and date for the exam and a closing time and date. For example, my bio test opens 10/27 at 2:30 pm and closed 10/31 at 12:30 pm.

Unbelievable, just one suggestion

Actually been using this app for 5 years, it is by far my most used app on my phone. My organizational skills are absolute garbage, and this app has allowed that not to be an issue. Im always checking iStudiez for the different information it allows me to put in it. The only thing I would suggest is to have a button easily accessible to schedule brief study sessions in between classes. That would be so helpful in organizing when I study for which subjects. I also think it would be awesome to have a stats screen displaying how many hours of work I spend on each subject, studying, classes, etc... It would help plan for exams.

cant input any other events into the calendar

loved the calendar to set up my classes and assignments but whenever i entered a new calendar event it would not show on the schedule. i find it really annoying that i cant keep track of everything on this one calendar

Not updated for iOS 10

The app takes a long time to load after updating to iOS 10 on iPhone 6s. The app widget is not enhanced for iOS 10.

Apple Watch app doesnt work

App on Watch crash and its bug. It doesnt show any data from iPhone.

Fabulous with a few suggestions

Best homework app ever! I just have a few suggestions to make it even better! One, on the widget have the ability to see homework that you need to complete for the day in addition to class times currently shown. Second, for the Apple Watch have the ability to put the homework due on the watch as well! Third, dont make us pay to have the app both on our phone and computers. Otherwise, perfect app! Fourth, have the ability to upload pdfs to the classes (for example

good but lacking some basic features

Good app overall. But Its lacking split screen on iPad. Would really love to be able to take notes in notability and have this open at the same time to input assignment data. Also some classes are graded on percent and some are graded on points but I only have the option to choose one or the other. I wish I could set this up per class not in general. Last The iOS widget is nice to see what classes are happening today. But I would be nice if it also had the option to show assignments I need to work on.

Nursing Student Recommended

Last week I had 6 exams, 10 quizzes/assignments, 12 hours of clinical, 6 hours of lecture, 14 assigned chapters spanning 4 classes and 4 different meeting times with mixed online/in person content across the week. This app kept me on track and organized and my class mates were looking to me to make sure they were on track. It syncs between mac and idevice and is easy to manipulate on both ends. Its a powerful tool, but its only as valuable as the information you put into it. Definitely recommend. Saving my sanity!

Watch complication doesnt work

The watch complication does not work since ios10. Please fix!!! I love this app and use it every day.

Needs more settings

For people who plan ahead and input every assignment into iStudiez Pro at the beginning of each term, it is a bit annoying to see a three digit number on the badge app icon. Not only is it annoying, but it is also intimidating to see such a large number when, in reality, you only really need to worry about the assignments that must be completed within the next week or so. It would be nice to have the option to restrict assignments from be included in the badge app icon count until they are actually relevant (one cant even complete distant assignments if they havent even learned about the concepts required to complete them). More detailed notification adjustment would be an awesome solution to this problem.

Good app but needs Split Screen capability

This app is very efficient and easy to use, but it would be amazing if we can use it in split view so we can write homework that is found online.


very helpful and easy to use


I absolutely love this app, its a must for every college student. Once you get use to it, and put everything in, its totally worth it.


Lessons can only be associated with 1 specific time period.For instance I have math at thursday 13.00 and friday 11.00 then it sucks! Program is really nice but while there is such a essential issue please dont expect to get more than 1 star I hope you fix it with ios 10 update

I love this app!

I use it for college everyday

So Helpful!

I used this app during my last two years of college and now in graduate school. I find it very useful as it allows you to color code and is easy to use and understand. The way it divides the page between calendar and what is due is nice to look at. I definitely recommend this to students trying to stay productive.

myHomework is now better...

Apple watch integration was the key factor to me using this app. After updates, it will no longer sync to the apple watch app. Says no data, even when the app is opened up on phone. App is now worthless until updated. I believe if they were more motivated to innovate, this app would have greater success.

Great for school

Great app for managing assignments and time schedule, but please please please change the color of the widget so that it is the same as the standard apple ones!

Apple Watch not pulling information

I use this app every day, both on my iPhone and Apple Watch. I use it to check my schedule and keep track of due assignments and work.

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